ABOUT OUR BABIES
         Our babies spend the first 2-3 weeks of their life in an incubator w/oxygen to reduce the risk of upper respiratory infection and to promote optimum health.  They are handled every 2 hours to nurse from momma or be bottle fed. They recieve 24 hour a day attention and monitoring as my husband and i split 12 hour shifts to care for them, while they are at such a young age. They are quite spoiled as i cannot resist the temptation to snuggle and rock them.
         As they are about 3 weeks old their new home becomes a puppy playpen and they begin to stay with momma for a few hours at a time.
         Starting on soft food, we give them a special diet we have perfected over the last couple of years. By the time they are ready for their forever homes, they will be on a diet of Iams puppy food, our special treats, and nu-vet vitamins.
         If you have an approved ahome and recieve one of our puppies, we will always be happy to answer any questions or address any problems you may have, at anytime, day or night.
         Since they are raised in our living room, they are well socialized around kids, other people, and our other awesomenglishbullies. Our wonderful grandkids are always happy to provide extra one on one attention with them. The babies are always taught how to give kisses.
         Feel free to call with any questions.
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